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The Brand Center is designed to support authorized users of the Menchie's brand. It explains the principles of how to use and apply our logo and provides access to a comprehensive library of ready-to-use downloadable logo artwork. It is intended for everyone who produces Menchie's branded materials. Please remember to refer to Menchie's brand center trademark policies for additional standards relating to the use of Menchie's Brand Center.

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Use of the logos, information and materials contained in the Menchie's Brand Center is restricted to members of the Menchie's system, including Menchie's team members, vendors, franchisees and agencies, for use in connection with Menchie's advertising, marketing, communications and business materials. All materials posted in the Brand Center are and remain the property of Menchie's and its affiliates. Your use of any materials posted in the Brand Center is also subject to all other terms and conditions posted on the www.menchies.com website.

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